A Lesson Before Dying Adaptation Essay

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For my character adaptation, I decided to choose Grant Wiggins. In my opinion Grant was the most relatable character in A Lesson Before Dying, and he was an interesting, dynamic character. There is a part in the novel when Grant says that he hates teaching, but it is the only work that an educated black man can do. In the adaptation, Grant would still be a teacher, however Grant would realized that he is getting through to some of his students, such as Irene Cole. Grant also questions justice throughout the novel. “How do people come up with a date and a time to take life from another man? Who made them God?” (Gaines, 157). In the adaptation Grant would be more open about defending Jefferson and would continue to visit him in his jail cell. Another behaviour Grant would have in the adaptation would be learning from Vivian’s teaching methods. Grant only sees teaching as a steady job, while Vivian sees herself as a role model and motivates her students. Grant humiliates his students, such as the girl who could not write her simple sentence in a straight line, while Vivian encourages her students and even has them writing sentences in French. If Grant could see Vivian’s teaching style, then he would realize what he needs to do in order to reach his students. For my adaptation, I decided to choose a television miniseries. I decided that this choice would be best because a miniseries of three or four episodes would be enough to fit the important elements into the novel, without dragging the story on for thirteen episodes of a traditional television season. Some challenges that would come with adapting a book character to a television character would be deciding which parts of the story would be cut out from the series, as well as staying true to the characters choices and personalities as described in the novel. To meet these challenges, I would spend time deciding

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