A Lesson Before Dying Essay

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A Lesson Before Dying { JEFFORSON'S DIARY } ENTRY #1 What will happen to me? Im gon' be alright i just know it. Let god be with me and forever let him watch over me. If only they knew the truth that i did not murder anyone i was at the wrong place at the wrong time and i will always regret that. How can they prove justice when this case is a racial situation? When i hear those words out of the judges mouth i cant say i didn't know what was gon ' happen ,when that courtroom is gon' be contained with white men giving me my verdict. I keep on rememberin that day on my way to the Rabbit Bar Lounge when Brother & Bear picked me up because they knew old man Mr. Grope would let the boys pay for their alcohol whenever grinding starts then i picture what happens next. Thats when i see Mr. Grope shoot breother and bear and then i see all three of them on the floor and i remember the shock and fear i have inside me. What could i have possibly have done different? I should have never went with brother and bear to that drug store that night! That prosecuter i know what he gon ' say that i robbed that store and shot thembut why would i shoot my friends.? The jury know what they gon' do since i supposubly shot an old white man and my friends but thats what happens whenever your in a coutroom full of white men who want me to pay for what i have done. Miss Emma will be there tommorow and Tante Lou i hope they stay strong and don't be worryin bout' me ill be fine, at least for now . Wish me luck i hope all is well and when this case is over i can move forward in life but will i be able to move forward. when i get me verdict?jefferson will always be at the electric chair and

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