A Lesson Before Dying Essay

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Stephen Arrington Professor Battle Reading Foundations RDG 096 26 October 2011 Lesson Before Dying Ernest J. Gaines wrote an intriguing book called “A Lesson Before Dying”. In this book, he used some very interesting characters, that all played a different role. Some characters were, Miss Emma, Tante Lou, Grant, Jefferson, Reverend Ambrose, Paul, the Sheriff, and Vivian. Throughout the novel, each of these people learned various lessons. In my opinion, Grant learned some of the most important lessons, and had the most interesting experiences. Grant was a teacher, a lover, a fighter, a true friend, he was arrogant, and he learned responsibility. Grant taught students reading, writing and arithmetic. The way he taught them was very strict and mean. He used to hit them and punish them just for getting an answer wrong. In the book, Grant excoriated a student because he was using his fingers to count. I can only imagine the discomfit the student was feeling. Grant thought it was useless to teach the children, because he thought they would not grow up and be anything. He was in love with a woman named Vivian. Vivian was married and had two children, and was in the process of getting a divorce with her husband. She gained her autonomy after she and her husband separated. Grant loved Vivian a lot and if it was anything he cared about, it was her. However, Vivian had some ambivalence toward Grant and their relationship. She was not sure if he knew what love was and if they were really in love. Grant was a true friend to a guy named Jefferson. Jefferson is a guy in the book that went to jail for being at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Jefferson was accused of killing a store owner named Mr. Grope. Jefferson was a very pathetic individual when he was incarcerated. He called himself a hog and started eating like one. He was also apathetic, not caring about anyone

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