A Lesson Before Dying Essay

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A Lesson Before Dying Theme Jefferson’s Journal: “Man walk on two foots; hogs on four hoofs”(220). Analysis When Jefferson was on trial he was compared to a hog. Throughout the book Jefferson has been acting like a hog. But Grant helps Jefferson become a man. Jefferson finally accepts death and knows he is not a hog. Theme 2 Grant: “’My Eyes were closed before this moment, Jefferson. My eyes have been closed all my life.’”(225). Analysis In this book Grant was the one to teach Jefferson a lesson. But in the end Jefferson was not the only one to learn something. Grant also learned a lesson about Life and God. Conflict Man vs. Self, Jefferson: “’I’m an old hog… just an old hog they fattening up to kill for Christmas’”(83). Analysis Jefferson thinks he is a hog because that is what the prosecutor called him when he was on trial. Jefferson starts to eat and act like a hog. When Grant tries to help it is rough in the beginning but it turns out that he has become a man. Conflict 2 Man vs. Man, Grant: “ I hit him before he had a chance to protect himself… I caught him in the face with the side of my fist… the bricklayer hit me solidly on the arm, and down I went”(199). Analysis Grant overheard these guys talking about Jefferson and he had a couple of drinks. So grant decides to fight with a group of two or three guys. But in the end Grant gets knocked out. Characterization Grant: “ I spoke to Amos Thomas, who sat on the wagon. The thin, brown-skinned man nodded at me”(61). Analysis Amos was one of the men who dropped off the schools first load of wood. Him and Mr. Lewis were acting uneducated and like fools when they dropped off the wood. The students were acting like them when they were splitting the wood. Characterization 2 Grant: “ The superintendent was a short, fat man with a large red face and a double chin, and he needed all his energy to get

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