A Language Is Communication. Discuss

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Essay from Section A: Language is communication. Discuss. Language is the most important aspect in the life of all beings. Plants, animals and human beings use language to communicate in one way or another to transmit the message required. It may be in the form of gestures, sound, body languages or speech. We use language to express our inner thoughts and emotions, make sense of complex and abstract thought, to learn to communicate with others, to fulfil our wants and needs, as well as to establish rules and maintain our culture. Language in individual’s context helps to organize and analyse our thoughts and emotions in a way they could be understood by ourselves and other people. Take for example people who are mute or deaf, they have a way of communicating their thoughts and emotions via their own language, that is, in the form of sign languages. Thus, language is a communication in any form that human beings could want it to be. Many people in the world meet together may not have a common language but they will find one form to transmit the message they wish the other party could understand. Take for example, when I was in Brazil, I could not understand a single word of Portuguese. Through my time of stay (4 months), I was able to communicate with the Brazilians using gestures, body language or expressions to convey my message to them. They in turn, do the same to transmit their thoughts and emotions to me. This is our way of language communication and we had so much fun which brought a closer relationships. There is no a big barrier using foreign language (that is, not one’s local language) to communicate with people all over the world. Every person is able to find a language (even in terms of drawing) to make friends. Language is communicated not only through words, but also using sound and movement, that is speech and movement in terms of

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