A Knight Tale

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Kimberly Lanier Sociology 200 A Knight’s Tale Social Stratification- the hierarchal arrangement of people in terms of power and privilege and social worth. What were the criteria for stratification? (What trait did they consider to be important enough to decide what you could do and what you could not do?) 1- Kings 2- Lords 3- Peasants Why? Why could one person do something (i.e. jousting) and another person could not? Kings and Lords determined what the people in their kingdom could and could not do. Who could joust and who could not? Only noble knights could compete in jousting. Why were Roland and Watt reluctant to go along with William/Sir Ulrick? Because they did not want to give up their share of the winnings; they hadn’t eaten in three days. Who was Edward? How many times did Edward appear in the movie? The Black Prince- Prince of Whales; He appears 4 times What was the difference about Kate? Jocelyn? How does this relate to stratification? Kate was a female blacksmith and Jocelyn was a noble lady. Jocelyn has more privileges than Kate because she is of higher class rankings. This relates to stratification because of the power, privileges, and social worth both of the women must have to play a role in society. What was Goeffery most famous for? Writing; “The Book of the Duchess” Why did Aldamar get away with the stuff he did? Aldamar got away with the things he did because he was a man of power; he was a count and in that society he was above the middle class Anachronisms: Things out of place in time. (There are many in this movie) Jocelyn’s appearance combines modern and medieval times; Kate makes William new armor that she personalizes with markings that symbolize two Nike logos; During the 1st jousting scene “We Will Rock You” by: Queen plays; the audience claps and thumps along as a modern audience does; a girl in the stands is seen dancing
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