A Journey Into Night: Elie Wiesel's Amazing Story

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A Journey Into Night: Elie Wiesel's Amazing Story Considered the greatest mass murder documented, the Holocaust claimed the lives of over eleven million. Six million of the victims were of Jewish faith. Leading this terror was Adolf Hitler, the head of the Nazi party. The memories of those condemned to these harsh punishments live on in the few survivors. Of those survivors one in particular touched nations with their recount of the horrific events. Night, written by Elie Wiesel is the document of a young boy forced to become a man inside a German concentration camp. During Wiesel’s time in Auschwitz he weighed on by the responsibility of growing up almost overnight. Arriving in Auschwitz at age fifteen Elie Wiesel was nobody’s image of a man in society. Coming from a humble town in Hungary, Wiesel and his community were force on to cattle cars and shipped off to work. Once faced with the mortality of separation upon entering the camp father and son struggle to stay together. Were he [Elie’s father] to have gone to the right, I would have ran after him”(Night 32). It is made clear that if they were to survive their stay in hell it would have to be together. Wiesel was not aware that such anti-Semitism was possible. Once locked inside the Jews were instantly separate due to health, sex and age. Forced to stretch the truth about their age and health conditions the enslaved truly did anything to survive. Around this time is when Wiesel finds out about the process of selection. The selection process consists of and evaluation of a Jewish workers performance at work. Below average work usually warned an untimely trip to the chimney. “Over there. Do you see the chimney over there? Do you see it? And the flames, do you see them? Over there, that’s where they will take you; over there will be your grave”(Night 31). At this moment young Elie Wiesel knew it was going to
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