A Inner Journey Impacts an Individual Through Experiances Faced Essay

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The inner journey is a passionate inquiry into our own soul, our own personal field of experience. It could be many things, a journey of self-discovery and adventure, a journey of maturation and completeness; a journey of truth and authenticity; a journey of love, devotion and passion. Therefore it is evident that inner journeys impact an individual’s life through the experiences faced which lead to self-reflection. Thus, ‘My Place,’ ‘A Dream’ and ‘A Righteous Day’ all illustrate the growth and in some cases stillness achieved after conquering an inner journey. Firstly throughout the novel ‘My Place,’ Sally experiences personal growth, understanding and awareness which impacts on her life tremendously. The starting point of her inner journey is when Gladys announces that they are Indians after Sally asked through the use of slang, “Come on, mum, what are we?” This leaves Sally confused and thinking that she’s a foreigner in her own country. The first person point of view as Sally explains that, “There was so much about myself that I didn’t understand,” only emphasizes the fact that she felt perplexed about her identity. Repetition of the word black in, “You bloody kids don’t want me, you want a white grandmother, I’m black. Do you hear, black, black, black!” In calling attention to her blackness, Daisy forces Sally to bear witness to the pain caused by her sense of exclusion from the family. In response to her grandmother’s outburst, Morgan begins to question her own identity and this is shown in the quote, “what did that make us, what did that make me?” However, Sally’s growth is shown when she accepts her culture and decides to ‘write a book.’ Getting married and going to university only seconds the argument that her life changed dramatically by the inner journey she took. Sally had to overcome obstacles and acknowledge her aboriginal identity which impacted the

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