A Impossible Relationship Essay

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A Impossible Relationship In E.M Forster’s novel, “A Passage To India”, Adela Quested and Ronny Heaslop do not achieve the meaningful relationship they desired. Rather, their relationship is doomed from the beginning even before Adela’s false accusation of Dr. Aziz at the Marabar Caves. Of course, many readers of the novel will disagree by insisting that the traumatic event at the Marabar Caves is what drove Adela and Ronny from marriage. However, while the novel focuses on the collision between the English and Indian cultures, a stronger struggle appears between Adela and Ronny. Despite their few similarities, Ronny’s treatment towards Adela and his mother, Mrs. Moore, Adela’s desire to preserve her own individuality, and the sudden change in Ronny’s nature causes such indifference between them. Nevertheless, readers of the “A Passage to India” will probably suggest otherwise and argue that the courtship between Adela and Ronny was achievable. After the polo match at the club, Adela quietly tells Ronny that she has decided not to marry him. Ronny is disappointed, but he agrees to remain friends with her. As soon as Adela tells Ronny she does not want to be married, their surroundings begin to overwhelm them. However, while riding in the back of Nawab Bahadur’s car, “[Adela’s] hand touched [Ronny’s], owing a jolt and one of the thrills so frequent in the animal kingdom passed between them, and announced that all their difficulties were only a lovers’ quarrel” (94). When Adela and Ronny arrive back at the bungalow, Adela says that she would like to marry Ronny after all. On the one hand, Adela and Ronny’s experience support the age-old adage that “love endures all things” and under the Indian influence draws the couple together again, forcing them to respect themselves as important, distinct individuals. On the other hand, by focusing on their sudden thrill of
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