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Chapter 17 Student: _________________________________________________________ 1. Which of the following would NOT be involved in natural selection? A. competition for resources B. having successful offspring C. variation in DNA sequences D. embryological similarities 2. A difference between artificial selection and natural selection would be: A. traits or adaptations are not predetermined in natural selection. B. the environment determines the better adaptation for natural selection. C. the traits chosen in artificial selection do not necessarily lead to better survival of an organism. D. all of the choices are differences between artificial and natural selection. 3. Two fossilized remains are found and scientists assume the two organisms are different but related. Which of the following would be best to use to determine the relatedness of these two organisms? A. homologous structures B. vestigial structures C. biogeography D. all of the choices could be examined to determine relatedness. 4. Darwin's theory of natural selection to explain evolution is also known as A. descent with modification. B. inheritance of acquired characteristics. C. uniformitarianism. D. catastrophism. 5. Which is predicted by the theory of special creation? A. Species change by adaptation to their environment. B. Vestigial organs should be similar to functional forms in ancestral species. C. There should be no nonfunctional structures in organisms perfectly adapted to their environment. D. Fossils should show differences in species as they change over time. 6. "Evolution" is a Latin term that comes from the root word meaning A. species. B. new. C. anti-religious. D. fossils. E. unrolling. 7. Which of the following ideas was most commonly held in the eighteenth century? A. evolution by

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