A Hospital Visit Essay

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Name: Robert A . Young CPE/CPT Unit 2 Verbatim # 1 Date of Visit: October 3, 2013 Ministry Location - Health Central Hospital -Ocoee Presented to: Dr. Missouri McPhee - Supervisor: S.I.T - Background: The person to be discussed is Sis. Delta Noble who was an 86 year old African American woman of Jamaica heritage. At the time of our story, she had five children, two girls and three boys who are all adults. She lived in the Western section of Orange County in the city of Winter Garden. Sis. Noble was a member of our church until her death in October of 2013. She was a Christian woman of exemplary character and wisdom. Her husband the late Pastor Ephesus Noble predeceased her in the Summer of 1992. She lived with one her sons who was war veteran who suffers from severe PTSD and bi-polar issues. Her eldest daughter Winsome had died 4 years earlier from cancer. Mrs. Noble's three other children lived in Orlando and in Jamaica. She and her husband had a deliverance type ministry, which began in their home as a prayer meeting. They believed strongly in Divine healing and in the Power of Christ to do the impossible. Sis. Noble lived by faith. She was a dressmaker and business owner for most of her adult life and did very well financially. She had been diagnosed with lymphatic cancer in the Spring of 2013 and I had visited her in Health Central for prayer and support. From this visit and after much prayer from the church, something miraculous happened. She did further testing and the doctors and the time reported that they saw no sign of the malignant Cancer. We were of course ecstatic and praised God for a miraculous healing. Sister Noble loved God and served Him with joy and gladness and walked like a Queen and never lost the common touch. Pastoral Plans: In late September of 2013 I received a telephone call from a member of our congregation informing me

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