A History Of Fashion Essay

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20th Century Fashion Artistic representation: (Seeling, 2000) Seeling, C. (2000). Fashion the century of the Designer. Mateu Cromo Madrid . Mia Kriek 2C Contents Introduction 3 1890-1900 5 1900-1910 8 1910-1920 11 1920-1930 14 1930-1940 17 1940-1950 20 1950-1960 23 1960-1970 26 1970-1980 29 1980-1990 32 1990-2000 35 Conclusion 37 Bibliography 38 Introduction If you had told our prehistoric predecessors that the mere act of using animal skin to protect themselves evolved much like them, into a multibillion-fashion industry, they would have created more flattering attire than a misshaped fur. The first act of wearing clothes merely as a protective measure slowly gave way to the fact that clothing becomes a status symbol and was a clear representation of one’s financial standing. The economical effect of the time on the design and distribution of fashion had a noticeable effect on the styles and look, we currently have. Most people find the world of fashion is hardly worth a second thought but seldom realize that fashion act as a photograph of the time. So much can be said when, you see a picture of a woman during wartime or when great lavishness was experienced, it is all encapsulated within the look of the era. These looks carry signifiers that are needed to identify with the era, and is directly affected by the economical, historical and cultural influence. In this research project, I plan to explore these signifiers, identify them and emphasize them with key looks present in the era. I want to find the cause and effect design choices, the reasoning behind specific stylization. These signifiers are key to modern design and they serve as a stable base in which to infuse new with old and so, create something unique. 1890-1900 Victorian era Victorian fashions: Ashelford, J. ( 1996). The Art of Dress:

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