A History of Corrections Essay

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A History of Corrections The United States of America has had a long history of corrections that continue to evolve to date. This paper will discuss the history of corrections in relation to the correction strategies that are observed by the United States. The history of corrections involves the transformation of early modes of punishment such as corporal punishment, incarceration and death of the offenders to modern forms, which are in line with current forms of offenses. The history of corrections indicates that individuals are always subjected to punishment after commission or omission of certain acts that are stipulated in the law. Research indicates that corrective strategies are put in place in order to ensure that every citizen operates within the set standards in society. Most of the old strategies of facilitating the correction of individuals were regarded as brutal and in breach of human rights. Therefore, the United States uses current measures of correction such as community service, incarceration, death sentences and charging of fines to offenders. Numerous studies indicate that modes of corrections in America have evolved over a number of years in order to meet the changing needs of society. The offenses that are committed by individuals in the contemporary world seem extremely complex; hence, there is the need to review the mode of correction continually. Punishments will always be administered depending on the nature of the offense and the law that has been breached by an individual. This means that the magnitude and severity of punishments will always differ among individuals depending on the mistakes committed. Corrections would only be effective in cases where they are conducted by established authorities that are set in place to monitor the behavior of citizens. This implies that individuals are not allowed to take the law into their own

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