A Hero: Crusaders with Human Flaws Essay

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Despite the “old fashioned escapism” in Star Wars’ Hans Solo or Indiana Jones, society has transformed it’s depictions of heroes. Jeff Jensen expands upon this in his article, Heroes and Villains. When in trouble, “we should logically be drawn to tales of strong, valiant souls who can control their destinies and bring an easily definable fiend to justice.” A superman who beats up the bad guys and send them to the police can be compared to James Bond’s investigations of corrupt and powerful criminals, who reap the benefits of their schemes no matter the harm it brings. However, though seemingly cynical, today’s heroes aren’t as brave or fantastic as they seem. A hero cannot just randomly be born into the world. They have human flaws. Today a hero has ambitions and flaws, just like any average person, but somehow overcomes his/her flaws to carry out his/her ambitions for “justice”. The fact that they are relatable helps today’s society realize the heroic mentality found in everyone. An ordinary orphan struggling with emotional scars from his past and present adolescence can overcome his pains and self-struggle to bring about justice and stop Voldemort. Or if you’re like Tony Stark, an egotistic and lustful billionaire, you still have heart and strength to fight for what is right. He valued the advice and insight of his prison mate Yinsen. Maybe Yinsen inspired the birth of Iron Man. Iron Man wanted to avenge people like Yinsen (referring to the character in Iron Man the movie). Spiderman was born to avenge his uncle. Villians are the failed products of a flawed society, while heroes overcome the flaws. Heroes, though having flaws themselves, have ambitions not twisted as in the mindset of villains. Rather than taking anger out on society itself, heroes overcome obstacles to try to fix the flaws. When Iron Man witnessed how flawed society was, and saw that his weapons
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