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A Hero Essay

  • Submitted by: purplemadness
  • on September 4, 2013
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“For Swami events took an unexpected turn”- This tells us that Swami wasn’t expecting this. It also takes us right into the story and the characters are introduced as the story goes along.
  “ The fight the boy had with the tiger and his flight up a tree, where he stayed for half a day till some people came that way and killed the tiger”- This is the catalyst of Swami’s problem. Also has this tale been exaggerated?
  “Father looked at Swami fixedly”- This tells us of his father’s behavior or characteristics because he comes across as being stern and overbearing.
  “How could a boy fight a tiger?”- This tells us Swami’s character as well. He comes across as being more sensible than his father and not easily gullible. Also even though he’s scared of his father he has the guts to talk back to his father and doesn’t meekly accept everything said.
“You think you are wiser than the newspaper?’ Father sneered”- This tells us that his father blindly accepts everything said in the newspaper and also tells us that he doesn’t respect his sons opinions.
“Strength and age are not important”- Tells us how narrow minded his father is because that fact is not effective.
“Swami disputed the theory”- Portrays Swami as a bold and more practical. Also what he says makes more sense.
“Let me see if you can sleep alone tonight in my office room”- The reason why his father started the conversation.
“A frightful proposition”- shows that he’s timid and slightly scared.
“You must sleep alone hereafter”- Shows the tone of command in his father voice. It was a order from the head of the family and he was meant to obey it.
      “He knew his father’s tenacity at such moments”- Shows that his father     pulled this tone quite often and also shows how well Swami knows his father.
“From the first of next month I’ll sleep alone Father” – here shows one of Swami’s characteristics; he is opportunistic – accepts praise for his bravery
“it is disgraceful sleeping beside granny or mother...

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