A Healthy Competition Essay

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A Healthy Competition Often students brag to their peers about their grades. The bragging sets off a drive of motivation from the peers to do better than the student who is bragging. Does this sound familiar? Possible it is because they have just formed a competition. “A competition is a rivalry between two or more people for an object desired in common.” With rivalry going on all around them a goal is formed to make the higher grade. Now that the students have been motivated and formed a goal the competition for grades has become a healthy influence on the students. Competition causes motivation among students. When motivated to achieve higher grades students stay focused on their work. They tend to work harder on the assignment then they would if they were not competing. When a student receives the highest grade they hold the bragging rights. Making the highest grade causes them to feel good about themselves. They feel as if they have accomplished something. Seeing this motivates other students to try to make a higher grade then their peer. Students work hard to achieve their high grades. They take pride in knowing that they have earned the grade they are receiving. This forms a sense of responsibility. Letting the students know you must be responsibility for doing your works. They also learn that not everything in life comes easily. They tend to focus on their educational statues more when competing for good grades. The higher their grade point average the more likely they are to be successful. Some people believe that the competing for grades has an unhealthy influence on students.The students spend more time studying and less time being social. They argue that some students cannot handle the stress of trying to keep up with their peers. Often students become obsessed with reaching perfection. This obsession can lead to

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