a Gruesome True Story Of Phineas Gage Essay

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This was a very interesting book. I must admit when I first started reading the book it didn't catch my attention but after it became a book I couldn't put down. This book showed a man that suffered because of a tragic accident. I think Phineas was a very lucky man to have survived this terrible accident, but he was also a very unlucky man to have lost who he used to be before the accident. It was a hard to make a decision of whether Phineas was a lucky or an unlucky man after his accident. Throughout the book it showed how he lost his job and struggled finding another job. He was part of a huge medical study that gave him the opportunity to travel to Boston so the doctors could see for themselves that he was the person how lived after having suffered the accident that should’ve killed him at scene. After his trip to Boston he was able to travel around the world. He was also a part of the renaissance fair where he traveled with his hammer. Over the years he kept traveling and visited his family. After he left his family’s home he began to travel once again. After a few months he became very ill and passed away. Throughout this book I kept switching back and forth whether he was luck or not by the end I truly believe that Phineas Gage was a very lucky man. I say this because he was able to travel and do so many things that he wouldn’t have done if he never had gotten injured with the hammer. Yes, indeed he became ruder and disrespectful. But he can honestly say he lived an adventurous 15 years. I would honestly recommend it to any of my friends who are interested in how the brain

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