A Good Man Is Hard To Find Literary Analysis

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Naomi Long Professor Lockhart English 1102 February 07, 2012 “A Goodman is Hard to Find” Imagine driving for hours on vacation only to be murdered by a serial killer. Unfortunately this is the reality of Flannery O'Connor's character, a nameless grandmother, in “A Good Man is Hard to Find.” Driven by her self-righteousness, the grandmother considers herself morally superior to others because she is a faithful lady. As the story unfolds the reader's discover that the grandmother is morally corrupt, and awakens to her moral corruption through the antagonist, The Misfit. O'Connors use of foreshadowing and characterization conveys the general idea that their is a thin line…show more content…
The grandmother is a complex character who believes that her conscience and faith are the motivating forces behind her moral superiority. She constantly passes judgement on others, but has the inability to see her flaws. As the story unfolds the grandmother is conveyed a racist, liar, and a hypocrite. On the road to Florida the family passes by a "pickaninny," boy with no pants, and the grandmother says that "He probably didn't have any" pants because "little niggers in the country don't have things like we do." The grandmother refers to the boy as a pickaninny and a nigger, two terms that are used to racially degrade African Americans, coloreds, or blacks. As the family passes a what seems to be familiar road the grandmother lies to her grandchildren, June Star and John Wesley, about a hidden passage in her old plantation home in Georgia. She lies to the children so they can convince their father to defer from the road and visit here old plantation home on a abandoned road. While traveling on the vacant road the grandmother remembers that the plantation home is in Tennessee, but is too ashamed to tell her family. After a car accident occurs the family crosses paths with The Misfit, who eventually kills the entire family. The grandmother reveals her hypocrisy when she pleads with The Misfit to save her life because he is a good man who would not shoot a

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