A Good Man Is Hard To Find Essay

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Caitlin Hancock English 203 April 15, 2011 A Good Christian is Hard to Find In A Good Man is Hard to Find, there was a hint of irony in the story due to the fact that the Misfit seemed to have a better idea of what it meant to be a Christian than the grandmother did. Flannery O’Connor was a very religious author and often made her characters experience a moment of grace at the end of the story. This leads me to believe that the “good man” mentioned in the title is actually a reference to God. The grandmother considers herself to be a good Christian. However, her focus on this topic seems to be based solely on appearance. She thinks wearing nice clothes and having a great outer shell makes her somewhat of a better person. Although she claimed perfection in her Christianity, the grandmother did things such as used racial slurs, manipulated members of her family, and lied. When asked what her definition of a good man is, the grandmother basically explains herself as the perfect characterization of a good person. I think this is true in many cases. Everyone, most of the time, believes they are right in their ways no matter how wrong they might actually be. In the text, the grandmother says, “ ‘In my time…People did right…’” (O’Connor, 1202). This is a perfect of example of the grandmother thinking the way she was raised, and the things she was taught, is the best method of being a “good man.” In order for the grandma to make herself believe she was in fact a perfect Christian, she had to convince herself that she was the ideal example. The grandmother spends most of her time judging the actions of the Misfit. She speaks badly of him, which is understandable, because of the crimes and sins he has committed. However, as I mentioned previously, the grandmother has committed a few sins herself. Even though she thinks the Misfit is a much worse

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