A Good Man Is Hard to Find by Flannery O'Conner

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A Good Man Is Hard To Find A Good Man Is Hard To Find, a short story written by Flannery O’Connor, is about a selfish, dishonest woman, who thinks as herself as a superior being. However, in the end, she realizes that she too has faults of her own. The Protagonist of the story is the grandmother. In the beginning of the story, she tries to convince her son Bailey, and his wife, to take their family trip to east Tennessee rather than to go to Florida. The grandmother reads in the newspaper about a convicted killer, The Misfit, who has escaped from the Federal Pen, and is headed towards Florida. She seizes her opportunity, and points out to Bailey of the breaking news. Her son is easily persuaded by his mother and plans are changed to have the family vacation in east Tennessee. There are times when we opt to be deceitful to others in hopes of protecting a self-image that has been created by our own lies; as a result, we only cause excruciating pain or harm to those who surround us. Unfortunately, the grandmother is not able to see the damage that she causes by her character. Her own sense of superiority does not allow her to see past her actions. Finally the big day arrives, and the grandmother is the first one ready to go in the family vehicle. In a basket she sneaks in her cat. Although Bailey hates to take the cat on road trips, the grandmother does this because she believes the cat is not able to stay home alone. Along the way to their destination, somewhere in Georgia, the grandmother realizes that an old plantation that she once visited is nearby. She described the house to Bailey making it seem more amusing so that he changes his mind and takes the kids to this so called plantation. The road that they turned into was a dangerous dirt road. They drove for miles and no plantation. During this time the grandmother has a frightening thought that

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