A Good Man Is Hard To Find Essay

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“A Good Man Is Hard To Find” – Flannery O’Conner It is not always easy for one to be truly comfortable with the person they have become. Life is cumulative, our experiences and our development shapes and molds the character we portray on a daily basis, for better or worse. This “character” is not necessarily our true “self,” but may instead represent the person we desire others to see. This façade or mask that we wear aids in our ability to escape ridicule and analysis from others, allowing us to live more free. The larger the mask, the more grandiose the character depicted, seemingly the less our true “self” can be critiqued. This façade, while helpful in the short term carries a large caution, especially when the veneer begins to crack, revealing the truth behind the public persona. Once exposed, the options are twofold, take ownership of your true “self,” or quickly find the appropriate exit strategy that sets one free. That notion of hiding behind the façade and the public persona strategically developed, seems to be employed by the late Anna Nicole Smith. Her personality and vocalized “self” seemed to be as large as her big blonde hair, collagen plumped lips, and large bosom. While slowly withering with shame, self-doubt, and insecurity, her actions and antics portrayed a life filled with glitz and glamour. The person she “was” in public was most certainly not the person she “was,” not her true “self.” The vivaciousness depicted in daily life was perhaps instead a carefully orchestrated pretense. As the veneer began to crack, exposing the despair below including alcoholism, drug addiction, weight fluctuation, and the loss of a child, we were afforded the opportunity to see the truth behind the front. Instead of a life of privilege as portrayed by Hollywood paparazzi, the life of Anna Nicole was seemingly polar opposite. Now exposed as a colossal

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