A Good Man Is Hard to Find

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I think the moral of the story “A good Man is Hard to Find” is written to convey the message practice what you preach. The story describes a Grandmother that claims to be a Christian lady but at the same time she is more concerned with the way she carries herself as a Christian than actually being one. The grandmother’s character represents Christians that have repented. The story explains the grandmother’s spiritual journey. Throughout the story the grandmother displays selfish acts and is very manipulative towards her family. When the grandmother is faced with death she has a change of heart. I think that people in general when confronted by an unwanted situation will do anything to get out of it. Some will have a change of heart and realize their wrong doings where others will do whatever it takes whether it is right or wrong. The Misfit’s quote is insinuating that if the grandmother lived her life as she did in her last few moments she would have been a good person. The grandmother displays a strong southern heritage. She is very concerned with her appearance. In the story, she gets dressed up for her trip just in case they would get in a car wreck, anyone who finds her dead on the road will know she was once a lady. Her collars and cuffs were white organdy trimmed with lace and at her neckline she had pinned a purple spray of cloth violets containing a sachet. The grandmother is also very selfish in her actions. While traveling, she lies to the children and tells them there is a secret panel in an old plantation house that she wants to visit. She used the children to get what she wanted and she manipulated her son. The grandmother believes that she has the right to judge people and instruct them how to live their life. After the accident I think when the grandmother was confronted with the misfit, she started to realize her actions were not

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