A Good Man Is Hard to Find Essay

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“A Good Man Is Hard To Find”, I s a grotesque yet intriguing story in which Flannery O’Connor demonstrates how a modern family suffers a tragic ending during their family vacation. The Grandmother, the only dynamic character in the story, complains to her son, bailey that she does not want to go to Florida but to Tennessee instead, for the family vacation and warns them about the Misfit. Despite, the Grandmother’s advice about the Misfit, the family still ventures off to Florida where they encounter an unanticipated ending. The story unravels a variety of themes such as; the contrast between past and present, disorder in society and manipulation. O’Connor contrasts the past and the present numerously in “A Good Man Is Hard To Find”. At the commencement of the trip, the grandmother differs how children were more respectful of their native’s states, their parents and everything else during her younger years to the present (262). Additionally, the Grandmother comes to an agreement with Red Sammy, a southern veteran, where people were nicer in the past than in the modern days (264). Supportive of the story’s title, Red Sammy declares that a good man is hard to find these days and everything is getting terrible (265).In her overview of “A Good Man Is Hard To Find”, Elisabeth Piedmont-Marton supports the theme of past vs. present by stating how O’Connor’s writing draws on a rich southern tradition of humor and regional specific detail. In other words, confirming the use of the contrast between past and present as a theme. Furthermore, Flannery reflects the disorder in society, as a theme throughout her story. The author demonstrates how society is malfunctioning in diverse ways, as Red Sammy’s wife insinuates that she doesn’t trust her husband, while they are a couple that are joined together by the sacred ways of marriage, an action that is meant to be achieved by two

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