A Good Man Is Hard to Find Analysis

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A Good Man Is Hard to Find Throughout most of “A Good Man is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Connor, the grandmother is a ill-mannered character, she lies, insults, complains, and makes offensive remarks until the story is near over. O’Conner begins the story with the grandmother complaining about going to Florida. She wanted to go to Tennessee and she made it clear to her son, Bailey, and his wife and children every chance she got: “’The children have been to Florida before . . . You ought to take them somewhere else for a change so they would see different parts of the world and be broad. They’ve never been to east Tennessee’” (O'Connor, p. 947). She is a very stubborn woman and she would not be happy unless the family vacation was to east Tennessee. She would point out that a criminal who calls himself The Misfit escaped from prison and is going towards Florida, but they wouldn’t pay any attention to her. The grandmother was not forced to go with the family but she never stayed home by herself. She is the first person in the car dressed as if she were going somewhere important and not just in on a family vacation. By dressing like this she showed that she felt as if she was better than the rest of the family. We can also see that she thinks that if she dies, she wants people to see that she was a lady. The grandmother even brought her cat, Pitty Sing, with them. She had to hide it under her seat so Bailey would not see it. She has no good excuse to even bring the cat with them. The only excuse she gives is the cat may miss her and it could get burnt on the gas burners. This is just another reason that shows she was stubborn. Towards the end is when she goes through a dramatic change. She is extremely ill – mannered. When the family passes the African American child on the\porch the grandmother makes a racist comment. The grandmother said, “Wouldn’t that make a

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