a Good Man Is Hard To Find Essay

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A Good Man is hard to find Flannery O’ Connor In the beginning of Flannery O’ Connor’s “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” we meet a grandmother who is not just old but seems to have many activities in mind. This story starts by her telling her son, Bailey that she thinks it’s a bad idea to go to Florida with the family. She says this because an escaped convict has escaped. The grandmother in this story not only seems like she wants to go to Tennessee, but also makes sure where her family is going is safe and secure. Familiar to “A Worn Path,” where Jackson, Phoenix is repeatedly trying to protect and care for her grandson. However, these two stories differ from the characteristics of the grandmothers. They would die for their grandson, while the other grandmother practically got her own family killed. Both grandmothers challenge on huge obstacles, their actions to these obstacles not only effect themselves, but also everyone else around them whom they loved and cared for. The grandmother in “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” tells her sons family and him to go to Tennessee. Disregarding her words, the family ends up going to Florida where things seem to go terribly wrong. Half way through the story, the grandmother speaks about a house the kids are fascinated about. Eventually realizing that the house was actually in Tennessee rather than in Georgia. She realizes she has made a huge mistake and needs to revise things. As soon as she recognizes her mistake, she ends up anxiously moving her feet too much and her cat frightens Bailey half to death. Resulting to this, Bailey wrecks the car in an accident and his wife unfortunately breaks her shoulder. At this moment, the grandmother keeps to herself she has made a mistake. Few moments’ later three gunmen happen to come out. Here is the main point where we see how her actions have affected so

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