A Good Leader

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A good leader is important because they set an example for people who look up to them. They also can teach what is a good way to handle a situation you might be in. A good leader is someone you can depend on. For all these reason I have chosen my mom as a good leader because in her life time she has been through a lot. Even in her time of hardship she stills continue to inspire and encourage others. My mother also has always remained humble in her craziest situations. This is why my mom is a good leader. The first reason I chose my mom is a good leader because my mom inspires and encourages me to do and be the best me that I can. She is always telling me never let someone try to control me or my situations. She would tell me to stay me and encourage me to be a leader and not a follower. Even when she was at her boiling point she held it together and smiled even though she was hurting. And for that my mom is a good leader The second reason my mom is a good leader is because she still remained humble and she still is herself through her craziest situations. My mom has been through a lot in her life having five children. She has been the best mom making sure her kids had everything they needed .And also with the help of my dad being on her side she never thought for a second that she wouldn’t make it out of her situations. When she came out of her situations she always came out better then how she was before. And that is another reason why my mom is a good leader. In conclusion my mom is not only just a good leader but she is in fact a great leader. She is one because she still remained humbled and still inspires people to be the best of their ability. I hope she stays this way forever and I Love her for everything she has done in my

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