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JW Cornwell You hear them almost every day throughout the school: jokes about DeKalb County’s ineptitude. Sure, we complain about leaky ceilings and gross restrooms, but Druid Hills is in generally good condition for having been constructed in the late 1920s. As for the other schools in DeKalb County, they have not been cared for quite as well. Take Cross Keys, for example. Cross Keys was supposed to have significant renovations, courtesy of the third Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST III), but is only receiving minimal changes. Much of the SPLOST III money, around $17 million, was earmarked to renovate Cross Keys. But, after the public approved it, the county stepped in and informed Cross Keys that the DeKalb School of Technology would be moved over to Cross Keys with the money from SPLOST III. This move would add an automotive program and a dental hygienist program, among others, to Cross Keys. Some of the faculty and staff of Cross Keys expressed concern that this transfer would consume most of the money for the renovations to Cross Keys. The head of the Capital Improvements Plan (CIP), Patricia A. Pope, had assured the school that there would be plenty of money left over for the renovations; however, they have not shown the school a budget. The real renovation issue is the weight room. Cross Keys’ weight room is in the upper part of the gym, which is built in the mezzanine style like some other schools in the county, such as Shamrock Middle School and Lakeside High School. A large chunk of the floor of the weight room (about a one and a half square foot piece) fell through to the lobby while students were working out. If there had been anyone standing there, they could have been killed. Currently, there are still cracks running through the entire floor of the weight room. Now the only renovations scheduled for

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