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A Good Employee Essay

  • Submitted by: Mina993
  • on November 24, 2011
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A good Employee
When the manager walked into the lobby he was shocked. He was shocked because of the lack of professionalism the receptionist was showing. He was talking on the phone while a customer is waiting in front of him. The receptionist didn’t acknowledge the manager as he made his way to the office. He was very upset that his employee didn’t display the characteristics of a good employee. A good employee is dependable, team player, and has tact.
Dependability is a very valued quality an employee should have. Arriving to work on time and showing management that you are a person they can depend on. An employee that is not dependable can cause overtime issues as well as problem with co-workers. Doing overtime is an issue because in today’s economy employers don’t want to pay the extra money. Conflicts between co-workers happen when some one is constantly late. Also being dependable when an emergency occur because that’s what employers expect from their employees.
Another characteristic of a good employee is to a team player. Many jobs require employees to be part of a team group. Team work is the key to the success of every business. Employees that do their best to help other co-workers are team players. Those who are not into team work will always have issues with their co-workers. Morale issues occur because someone feels they are doing more work then someone else. That happens due to the other employees not putting their best effort or not handling their share of work. An employee who can contributes to the team is a good employee.
Furthermore, tact is another characteristic a good employee will display. A good employee will not embarrass themselves or their co-workers in front of others. Although they will discuss the problem behind closed doors and with diplomacy not yelling. A good employee will not repeat tasteless jokes that are religious, orientated, as they will not want to offend others. A good employee wont use any words that might make...

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