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A Gap of sky – Anna Hope Life is a fragile object. Some people’s lives are more fragile than other’s. Every year 2,5 million people die of alcohol or drug abuse. Life is too short to mess around with these drugs, and it’s easy to get lost in life. To survive you need some goals in life, so you won’t get lost. Those goals could be everything from getting a job or an education – or just sit down and write that essay for tomorrow. The main character in Anna Hope’s story; A Gap of Sky, finds out, that life is more than parties and drugs. Her goal turns out to be a better life with a good education - a realization that begins with coke, coffee and some missing ink. Ellie is a nineteen years old teenager, who lives in London. She likes to party all night, and she is addicted to drugs. Ellie study at a university in London, but she is not taking her education very seriously. She doesn’t show up to her lessons, because she would rather go to parties with her friends. We are told, that Ellie obviously have received an extension, and if she doesn’t hand in her essay, she will be kicked of the course. In the beginning of the story, Ellie wakes up, on a Monday morning, after a wild party she went to the day before. Here we hear about her drug abuse for the first time; “Coke. Does she have any left? Find the wrap, in the bra. The bra, in a tender little pile on the floor, curled around her knickers. Yessssss! Clever Ellie. Little bump just to get started. Nice, now. Coffee… (P.2, L.30-34). So she has her daily routine with coke and coffee in the morning. She boots up her computer, so she can work on her essay, but she finds out, that the printer is out of ink. She decides to go into the city to buy some ink. Until now, Ellie has been confused and in some way – tired of life, which can be seen, in the way, the structure of the sentences and the contents;

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