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A Game of Polo with a Headless Goat Essay

  • Submitted by: cheat21
  • on October 22, 2013
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Below is an essay on "A Game of Polo with a Headless Goat" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The writer, Emma Levine has tried to share her experience of being at a "donkey race in Karachi" in her travel writing piece as mentioned in the blurb.
Levine has made humour a major element since the beginning of the extract. The use of humour is exemplified when the write compares this race to the famous cartoon animations, "Wacky Races". At this point, she tries to involve the Western culture with that of the Eastern one, by adding a pinch of Western aspect in a quite humorous and indeed an interesting manner.

Emma shows the time she waits for the race to start with lots and ltos of curiosity and enthusiasm. The dialogues used are evidences to the team's anxiousness. For instance, when the team discusses, "We'll open the car boot ... that's no problem." The dialogues verily highlight the amount of curiosity they have for the race to start. The use of direct speech gives a realistic feel to the situation. The waiting time is again accentuated when the writer adds in, "We waited ... brow of the hill, ...". The hyperbole made by the word 'eternity' exaggerates and hence emphasizes on the long time they waited for the race. She shares every aspect of the experience.
As soon as the race starts, the writer gives a descriptive feel in the text, for example: "we spotted two ... in their wake". The description provided suggests to me that it allows readers to picturize the exact scene in their minds. This, ultimately adds to their interest and they easily understand what the writer is sharing with them, her experience.
Emma also gives a bit of facts and useful information which maybe unknown to some readers, so as to maintain a feel of reality to the text. An exceptional example is where it says: "... the Kibla donkey ... 40kph". The use of beneficial and exotic facts brings up the undoubtedly true point in the readers   that the writer has a really good and tight grasp on the subject. This, consequestly, lends credibility to the text. Ultimately, the writer...

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