A gaggle of saints a critique of homophobic Violence

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Andrés Ramos English 3104- 144 J. Penner Neil Labute’s A Gaggle of Saints: Inside the mind of a Homophobe A Gaggle of Saints, play written by Neil Labute a young Mormon couple separately recount the violent events of an anniversary weekend in New York City. Primarily their intentions for going to New York was to go to a big “Bash” to celebrate at the plaza hotel but finally it turned out to the beating to death of a gay man. The play is itself is narrated by Sue and John the Mormon couple mentioned before but both reminisce the events differently and so the play is narrated by both and their monologues contrast each other throughout the entire play. Furthermore we will analyze the figure of John, his mentality and why/how the play critiques the homophobic mentality. In A Gaggle of Saints by Neil Labute, the sense of violence is felt from beginning to end in fact the way the couple, John and sue, met was in fact a violent one. They where in High school, Sue had a boyfriend they had separated a few weeks before the incident. John and Sue where both jogging in the track when her ex-boyfriend pulls up in his car and walks up to john and says “Hey” without hesitation at all John flips him over at starts a vicious attack on him, trough all this sue is simply standing there. Throughout the play the reader gets a sense that Sue enjoys this type of thing, this idea of lust. More detailed she seemed to enjoy anything that had blood involved this theory can be appreciated more in an earlier scene where John bought a corsage for Sue for the party and just as he was putting it on her he pricked his finger and a drop of blood landed on his shirt, Sue reacted by being fascinated with this, the audience can sense it in the way that she speaks about it saying: “and then....a spot of blood, just a drop, but he ended up with this tough of blood on

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