A Friendship to Learn from Essay

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1. Introduction pg3. 2. The beginning of a friendship – Uncertainty Reduction Theory pg3 3. Finding fault – Relational Perception Theory pg4 4. The Friendship Parts pg5-6 - Schutz’s Interpersonal Needs Theory – modernism 5. Conclusion pg6 6. References pg7 Introduction Friendship has long been considered as a vital need for people within society, friendship reflects how we as humans reach out to others in order to communicate and in doing so forming relationships. Friendship is regarded as a relationship whereby both parties are balanced through trust, emotional support as well as having the same things in common. Yet a breach in friendship is not an unknown occurrence, many conflict situations may leave a partner or even both partners in the relationship feeling certain positive or negative ways. This essay will consist of my story, an account of a friendship that formed rapidly and how it so quickly deteriorated into a friendship that is now hanging on by a thread due to miscommunication. Humanistic theories such as Uncertainty Reduction theory, Relational Perception theory and Schutz’s Interpersonal Needs Theory are certain theories that will be applied to our friendship in order to make sense of what went wrong and how it can be mended. 1. The Beginning of a Friendship I had met Gene in 2007 at our varsities bistro; she approached me sitting at a table chatting to friends. She is a different girl in that her appearance is an obvious sign of rebellion I remember thinking when observing her, yet her conversation was interesting and we seemed to get along well. The first few months of our friendship flew by so quickly with no conflicts and a powerful happy friendship that involved always having something to talk about and forever learning

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