A Friend Lost Essay

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Rosario, Martin ENC 1101-705942 9/17/12 Narrative A Friend Lost People say all the time that life is short and that you should appreciate and be grateful for the friends and family around you. It’s a cliché that’s been used for years yet some people have never experienced the reality of it. About two years ago year I lost a good friend of mine in a horrific car accident. It occurred on 8th street near a Pizza Hut. It was an experience I will never forget for the rest of my life. Her name was Karla Mejicanos. She was a very bright student and was always a kind and fun person to be around. Everyone enjoyed her company because she could always make you feel good about yourself. A straight A student, she would always do her homework and always was the top of her class. She would often complain sometimes whenever she was given loads of homework but would end completing her work anyway. She was always about hard work and dedication. I’m positive that if she would’ve had the chance she could’ve enrolled into a prestigious university. She was also quite the comedian; sometimes telling jokes or making fun of the people she cared for the most because she would always want to see a smile on a person’s face. That was one of her traits that made her loved and accepted. She would always be herself and never let anyone to tell her who or what she should be. A majority of the guys at my school had a crush on her because of her personality and her beauty.
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