A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed Essay

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“A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED “ A Brief Introduction of my dear friend My friend’s name is . He comes from the city of dreams, Mumbai, which is the capital of Maharashtra and is also widely regarded as a financial backbone of India. He is a kind of guy who will go to any extent to help his friends. No matter what the situation is, every time I find myself in trouble, I always rely on the advice of my dear friend Aniket. He has a family of four which includes his mother, father, he has a younger sister and him. He is very good in mathematics and has been a tutor for many of the students who are not so good in the subject. He scored 100 % marks in the subject in the first trimester. He prefers his surname to be pronounced in a proper Marathi tone. I can recollect the time when he even corrected many of the faculties to pronounce his surname correctly. He did his schooling both in new york and Mumbai. He is a mechanical engineer from the renowned lokmanya Tilak College of engineering which is affiliated to the prestigious Mumbai University. He is very hard working and I have seen him study at a time when most of the students were busy having a gala time in college. He likes to binge on tandoori chicken and regularly steps out to try authentic south Indian non vegetarian cuisines. He has been a source of not only moral strength but also helps me when I am in need of money. He has always been open to every kind of help that I require and has never said no to anything I have asked for. He is not only good in academics, he is equally good in playing table tennis. We have played table tennis together for as much as 3 hours a day. I should say that very best of players would find it difficult to beat him in a table tennis match. His strength lies in his never say die attitude. I have always seen him work hard in areas in which he is not so good. In

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