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a Fortune Essay

  • Submitted by: trinee92
  • on May 11, 2011
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A Fortune
Kids are their own and sometimes they cry and scream. But they should always feel loved and special no matter how impossible they can be. They are anyhow not supposed to steel wallets for their father or walk silent with their head down behind their parent. Parents shouldn’t put their kids down, make them insecure and not believing in themselves. Life is tough enough already.
After all that was a past to boys shared in the novel A Fortune. But in spite of a gloomy past, it is never too   late to break up with it and look into the future. There you might find treasure.

The point of view is the narrator’s. He tells about his day like he wrote in his diary. The style is simple everyday language. An example on a filler, which belongs to the spoken language: “Not for religious reasons… well maybe it is.” (l. 2-3). Some examples on slang words:   “cracking up over them” (l. 106), “my old man skipped town without so much as a damn note..”(l. 27-28). And “Boy would he yell at me.” (l. 8).
The narrator has had a rough childhood where he didn’t have any role model to look up to. His father learned him to steel people’s wallets in the age of five. The narrator rarely saw his father and when he did, he only came to take the money his only son had stolen. When he took the money he would give some bills to the narrator, as payment. The narrator is now a grownup, who “works” as a pickpocket every day in the week except Sundays.
His mother tried to be a good mother and raise him good, but the narrator often remember her cry, worrying if he would end up like his father. She wasn’t a strong and active mother, more an inactive and   insecure mother. He describes himself as a person with crooked teeth, oily hair and bony knees. The narrator loves fortune cookies. What he loves about them is the little paper inside of them with a prophecy. It is his chance to dream and hope that his future will be brighter than the past. Like he saves the stolen money in his apartment,...

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