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Atrial Fibrillation: Common, Serious, Treatable November 26, 2012 The main purpose of this article is to better inform you to what atrial fibrillation is, and provide knowledge so that you have information regarding all aspects of the health problem. It will help you to make good healthy decisions whether or not you are affected by the abnormal rhythm atrial fibrillation. The article defines atrial fibrillation, explains the statistics here in the United States, looks at causes, defines the classifications, and introduces symptoms. The article then goes on to include how physicians diagnose it, hazards involved in having atrial fibrillation, and treatments available and used today. It explains the anatomy of the heart, and the implications atrial fibrillation is involved in. It also touches on some changes you can make in your life to reduce your risks. The article can serve as an important tool in the education of society regarding atrial fibrillation. It also leaves the reader wanting to learn more about health, and disease processes. The author wrote the article in a very easy to understand form, allowing the reader to actually learn and retain the knowledge. It’s not a wordy or difficult to understand article, it flows very well. What is atrial fibrillation? It occurs when the atria of the heart fibrillate instead of beating in sync with the ventricles. Atrial Fibrillation as been around for a long time, but it is definitely on the rise. Each year 150,000 new cases are diagnosed. There are close to hospital admissions in the 400,000 range, more than 5 million office visits per year and health care costs for atrial fib are greater than 6.5 billion dollars per year. Atrial fibrillation increases the stroke risk by five times, and almost doubles the risk of premature death. There are multiple

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