A Few Important Lessons of My Life Essay

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A Few Important Lessons Of Life I once read a quote by Marilyn Monroe which said that "Everything in Life Happens For A Reason". At first, even to me it was just a quote that I liked, but then I realized what it meant. It's a simple yet important lesson of life. Many a times things happen in our lives, we wonder why they happened, and if it's bad, we regret it happening. Did we ever wonder, if it hadn't happened, probably something worse might have happened? For example, if we get a flat tire and are late for an important event, we feel miserable and curse our luck, but maybe it happened to protect you from a bigger calamity, like a serious road accident. The point of it is for people to understand the fact that things which are destined to happen will happen and for your own good, and no matter what, a positive attitude towards life always helps. We often lament “Why Me?". Do we realize what it may mean? “If not me then should it be someone else?” Instead of thinking about that, we should accept what happened, because life “is fair”, and will eventually reveal the reason why every single thing happened in our life, be it good, or bad. The most important thing in the end is to always have high spirits and to never lose hope. To an extent our life is influenced by fate or luck. But what it truly depends on is the decisions a person makes, and how hard he works on them. For example, A Person who fantasizes to become a big businessman and works hard to make his dream come true and if he remains determined throughout his journey, he does get the fruit of his labour. But if he continues to just dream about it, doing nothing to realise those dreams will eventually, reach nowhere and such a man might cry foul about his fate or may talk about bad luck. Put simply, life's message is clear, that unless man translates his ideas and dreams into actions, he is not going to go

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