A Farewell To Arms

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Hemingway’s Hero A hero with supernatural powers fights evil to save mankind. Ernest Hemingway’s hero’s features an ordinary American solider in the Italian Army. In A Farewell to Arms Fredrick Henry holds the traits for the typical Hemingway hero. Fredrick, separated from his family and home, tries to forget the horrible part of the war but still finds happiness with Catherine. Henry joins the Italian army during World War II even though he’s an American. Residing in a new culture and country pulls him apart from his family and his friends back home. After living a Italy in long time, Fredrick thinks about back home and since he has not written in a long time he says. “I had let it go so long that it was almost impossible to write now.” (Hemingway 36). Although Henry has learned to like his surroundings, he is cut off from the traditional values of home and family. In My Antonia even though Antonia learned the ways of American people and enjoyed hanging out with Jim, she dearly missed her country and wanted to go back. She told Jim time to time about her country and described him all the places as if she never left the place. Hemingway’s “hero” Fredrick Henry tries to enjoy and only remember the good part about the war and tries not to worry about the bad parts. Only to remember the good part but not the bad parts (McConnell 3). While the war is going on, Henry does not worry about the consequences of the war, instead tries to enjoy the time in Italy. When Henry gets a little break during the summer he goes to the big cites and goes to parties at night and then sleeps with hookers. When in bad situations people try to find a scapegoat, and in Henry’s case he only wanted to remember the good parts about the war so he partied at night times and tried to forget the causes of the war. When all is going bad, people find ways for happiness.
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