A Farewell to Arms

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“’A Farewell to Arms’ exposes dangerous games men play, discuss” A Farewell to arms exposes some of the dangerous games that men play. The dangerous games men play is in reference to the games men play in relationships and the consequences which represent the ‘danger’ of these games. This is exposed through the relationships shared between Lieutenant Henry and various other characters in the novel in which he shares a connection of friendship or romance. These relationships are the ones that Lieutenant Henry shares with Catherine Barkley, where we see a dangerous game of courtship between the two and the consequences that are resultant because of this relationship. The relationship which also unveils the dangerous games that men play is shown through the friendship between Lieutenant Henry and Rinaldi. Though relationships and games of love are not the only dangerous games played by Lieutenant Henry. The prompt referring to the dangerous games that men play in the novel ‘A Farewell to Arms’, these games are those of love and courtship which are commonly shown throughout the course of the novel. The dangerous aspect of these games being the possible consequences faced when playing these games of love, seduction and courtship. Though the story of ‘A farewell to arms’ is primarily centred around the life of Lieutenant Henry and his personal experience and point of view during the war, we are also presented with an insight into the experiences and perspectives of his fellow soldiers during the war. This perspective showing that it is a common scenario of men to be involved in these dangerous games of love, seduction and courtship. In contrast to this example, that it is a common thing among men to be involved in these dangerous games; the priest a friend of Lieutenant Henry presents a difference to not create a generalization of men. As he isn’t involved in the
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