A Family Reunion Essay

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A Family Reunion Sadly, the only time my family gets together is doing funerals. The last time we got together was when my father and uncle passed away on the same day December 25 Christmas day. I was stationed in Okinawa, Japan it was December 26th in Japan and 30 minutes after I arrived at work my husband showed up which I found a nice surprised. I guess he felt guilty with the expression on my face that he asked to speak with me alone. He broke the news to me by telling me that my Uncle passed away, I guess he mentioned that first to lessen the blow but then he gave me the worst news that my Dad also passed away on the same day Christmas Day. I got my kids together and we all flew to NY, which was sort of scary because my kids were happy that they were going to see the family but they felt guilty because of the circumstances. We drove directly from the airport to the funeral home which was kind of eerie because we were the last ones to show up and everyone stared at us we walked in. From observing the room no one was left unaccounted for. Everyone was there to see my father and uncle for one last time. I recal this moment so dearly because my family is spread all over the U.S. and we were together. My youngest finally realized were she got her height from which was from my side of the family. Even though it was a solemn occasion we had a great time spending time with the family. To make matters even better my father’s last request was for us to celebrate his life. We laid my uncle and father to rest on New Year’s Eve and that evening we celebrated their lives. I think this was one of the best family reunions I have been to and I hope we do not wait for another death before we can get together

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