A Factory Girl Remembers Mill Work Summary

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“A Factory Girl Remembers Mill Work” 1. How does Larcom’s memoir help us to understand some of the effect of the Market Revolution on the lives of market revolution on the lives of ordinary Americans? Market revolution had a drastic effect on the lives of ordinary Americans one of the effect of the Market Revolution was to shift work from home to the factory where different groups of workers do the same jobs in factory in order to help their family to live financially by the money they get from factory .in the memoir we can see a great example of a young girl where she had to go to work at the age because of her circumstances and great care in expenditure was necessary whereas working in a factory at small age is really disappointing. Her dreams, wishes everything would become incomplete and her talents and all the creativity she has everything got wasted working in a factory. 2. What does Larcom see as the advantages and disadvantages of work in the factory?…show more content…
People especially children who works in textile mills was not a right sort of life and also this employment was temporary .the most important disadvantage was working in a textile mills would not be able to fulfil her dreams in her life. But there were certain advantage’s working in a factory was it was the same job which she did every day, she had would do some fun activities with other older girls teasing and talking to them. She was also able to discover some new things in the factory which she would never think of and also new experiences which she would never imagine like for example the waterwheel that carried the works of the whole mill she was able to see that in front of her later her she stated mill itself was a lesson for her. 3. How might Larcom’s initial impression of the mill have been different if she had started as machine
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