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A Dualistic Struggle Essay

  • Submitted by: dustinb86
  • on October 1, 2012
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Frida Kahlo, in her painting of “Two Fridas”, has depicted what I see as a self-portrait of a separation of two parts of her. Being described best as surrealist art, Kahlo’s meaning is hidden in its symbolism.   The background of the painting is shaded with various blues, greys, and whites, invoking a dream-like setting for the scene as the clouds are commonly associated with our lullabies, fairy tales, and other childhood bedtime comforts. Clouded backgrounds like these I find myself associating feelings of ease, relaxation, almost like a pillow for my wandering mind. The lack of many hard lines present in the background leads me to believe that the artist was trying to establish a certain flow without boundaries, leaving the mind and eyes to explore the whole painting without much restriction.
Studying the painting further, my focus gives way to the center of the piece. There are two women sitting side-by-side, interconnected not only by the grip of each other’s hand, but by a vein that goes from one woman’s heart to the others. The two women both bear a striking resemblance to one another. Both have light brown skin, very similar facial features and expression, and dark eyes. The physical contrasts among the two seem to only lay in two things- their dress and what they hold in their hands. The woman on the right is dressed in a lower collared, short sleeved blue shirt, yellow stripes marching down the sides of her shirt as well as around the collar. Her dress is almost an army green with white lace around the bottom. In her right hand she holds a circular object. Her heart is exposed on her chest, one vein going through her shirt and wrapping around her left arm a couple times down to the mystery object in her hand, the other one being shared between the two. The other’s dress is considerably more intricate. The dress is all one piece, compared to the other’s shirt and dress combination. Judging by the immense attention to detail on the lace on the top of her...

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