A Dolls House Essay

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In today’s world, crimes are being committed, people keeping secrets, and families are separating. In Ibsen’s A Dolls House, today’s world is shown through the lives of Torvald and Nora Helmer. Torvald, like some men in today’s society, treats his wife, Nora, as a possession. He refers to her as his little singing bird and never as a grown woman. Nora, like most people, has many secrets. She is like a little child hiding everything from Torvald. In the end, she learns that she can not handle raising kids and that she no longer loves Torvald. To some men, women are one of their many possessions. Torvald treats Nora as one of his possessions. He refers to Nora as “my own little singing bird” (1452, Ibsen ). In today’s world, some men show no respect to their wives. Some men just use them to feed their sexual appetites while others will lock them in their house so they can’t get out. Torvald lets the reader know that he is the one in charge of his dolls house, by always opening and closing the doors. Torvald always wants to know what Nora is up to. Torvald does not only want to have control over Nora, he must have control over everything he is a part of. When Torvald becomes the bank manager, he fires Krogstad, a friend of his from his youth, because Krogstad calls Torvald by his first name. An extreme version of this in today’s world is when different gangs venture into another gangs territory, the outcome will most likely lead to one gang being killed. Little thing that have so little meaning, such as what street a person lives one, can have tragic outcomes. Secrets, in most cases, are just one form of a lie, not only to others but also to us. When we keep secrets, we must lie to cover up what we have done. Nora kept a secret from Torvald. She went behind Torvald’s back and borrowed money illegally from Krogstad. This secret soon became a

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