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A Dolls House Essay

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  • on January 1, 2011
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“Understanding the cultural context of a text allows you to see how values and attitudes are shaped” Show how this statement applies to one of the texts on your course.
Henrik Ibsen was the cultural phenomenon of his time. He shows us how the values and attitudes of people are shaped in society. He shocked audiences daily in the 1879 play, with his radical insight into the social roles of a husband and wife, or man and woman, of that time. In Ibsen’s play “A dolls house” we see Nora’s personality being shaped as her attitude changes and she breaks free and rebels from the late 19th century stereotypical womanhood, to discover herself after her romantic masquerade of a marriage shatters. This is only one example of how Ibsen amazed his viewers with the controversial play. All throughout ‘A dolls house’ we see, the value people have for an honourable reputation, their attitude towards money and how their roles in this tiered society are shaped.
Men are the sole earners in this society. This gives them the attitude of being above and better than the women, who have a dependency on them for income. Even though the women keep the home in shape and ensure maintenance of all key household work they end up being valued as useless objects or possessions of mere beauty to be shown off in this judgemental society. Their hard labour goes unnoticed. Nora using her flirtatious relationship as a wife or childlike qualities of sulking shows her values in manipulating Torvald to get what she wants out of him. Her childlike qualities with him are very much that of a parent and child; when he “takes her playfully by the ear” it is the attitude of an adult dealing with a naughty infant. She also conceals her macaroons as he does not let her indulge in sweet things as they rot her teeth. She goes along with Torvald’s attitude towards her shaping her into actually being a doll to be played with. She seems to relish in his use of pet names, delighting in the power she can get from her...

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