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A Dolls House Essay

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  • on April 17, 2013
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Writers often use a character who is alienated from his or her culture or society in order to explore cultural or social values. Examine the idea with reference to "A DOLLS HOUSE"

In the genesis of the play Ibsen shows how Nora and Helmer who are a middle class family love each other. In Act1 Ibsen show how the 2 couple treats each other and how Helmer spends time working in is study room and Nora decorating the Christmas tree for the New Year.   I think Ibsen show how male should dominate the cultural and woman should do household work and take care of the kids. Helmer treats Nora like a little child and thinks that spending money makes him a good husband and does care of her emotions" My little songbird mustn't drop her wings, what's this? Is little squirrel sulking "it shows how Trovald treats Nora as her pet while he should shows a caring heart towards her wife that’s shows he uses pet names towards her. Ibsen shows how Trovald flirts with Nora asking her to dance tambourine or spending money on her to make her happy but trovald doesn’t spent more time with her that’s show the attitude and values of society and time that relationships between a man and a woman are the results of the society they live in now days they don’t come in hand they get married without thinking. Ibsen changes the way the one perceives Nora because at the onset of the play Ibsen conducts the audience to consider Nora as a stereotype wife who loved spending her husband's money.

Ibsen's also shows the cultural values on those days whereby woman weren't allowed to go to university most woman once they are married they have to stay home and take care of their husband, household and children .So it may also show that maybe there not smart enough but later on Nora's self discovery she challenges the role she has been given as wife and mother she thinks about things for herself. This shows us that Nora from the beginning was alienated character from her society , a stereo type wife of...

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