a Dolls House

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Juan J Rodriguez November 2011 Ingl 3151 Dr. Lillian Sanchez A Doll’s House Act I 2 Examine the opening dialogue between Helmer and Nora. Describe the ways Nora and Torvald behave toward each other. What kind of relationship does Ibsen set up between them? What issues are set up? How does Ibsen set the scene for the rest of the play? Since the beginning of a Doll’s we can see they are financially well. While Nora likes to spend and allows the idea of buying presents to block out financial concerns, Torvald holds a more pragmatic view of money. Torvald’s assertion that Nora’s lack of understanding of money matters is the result of her reveals his prejudiced viewpoint on gender roles. Torvald’s insistence on calling Nora by affectionately diminutive names evokes her helplessness and her dependence on him. He does not not only asserts his power over Nora but also dehumanizes her to a degree. When he implies that Nora is comparable to the “little birds that like to fritter money,” Nora is like Torvald’s dol she even decorates his home and pleases him by being a dependent figure with whose emotions he can toy.In addition to being something of a doll to Torvald, Nora is also like a child to him. He shows himself to be competing with Nora’s dead father for Nora’s loyalty. In a sense, by keeping Nora dependent upon and subservient to him, 5. How are Mrs. Linde and Nora alike? Different? Why is it ironic that Nora helps Christine get a job at the bank? How will this affect Krogstad? Nora? 1. Both Nora and Mrs. Linde are women capable of making hard decisions and Mrs. Linde is Nora’s true, independent self embodied as a separate character. Their differences lie in the fact that Mrs. Linde is completely independent and able to support herself financially, although she does have trouble making ends meet. Nora on the other hand leads a very
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