A Doll's House Essay

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Michael Umphrey Mrs. Johnson English 2 Honors 19 December 2011 Independence In Henrik Ibsen’s novel A Doll’s House, he illustrates how a once infantile-like woman gains independence and a life of her own. Ibsen creates a drama that demonstrates how on the outside Nora and Torvald seem have to have the perfect marriage, but in reality their marriage is an empty one. Instead of meaningful conversations, Torvald uses degrading pet names and unimportant talk to relate to Nora. Torvald treats Nora like a pampered yet unimportant pet, that demonstrates how men of this time treat women as property that is to be shown off. While the Helmer estate may appear to be he social norm, the marriage of the inhabitants is falling apart due to the lack of identity, love, and communication Nora Helmer is a seemingly dainty character who relies on her husband for her identity. Her dependence on her husband has kept her from developing her own personality and voice. It is found out that Nora is just playing the role of the typical housewife who stays at home with the intent of only pleasing her husband, it is then concluded that she is living to please her husband and not living for herself, ‘I’d turn myself into a little fairy and dance for you in the moonlight” (Ibsen 162). Since her childhood Nora has been held the opinions of father or Torvald in attempts to please them. This makes her act as only an extension of her father or husband, having no ambitions of her own. Because of her being spoiled all of her life, Nora woud only have to make a cute animal sound to get what she wanted from Torvald, “squirrel would do lots of pretty tricks for you if you granted her wish” (Ibsen 162). Through their everyday conversations, Nora and Torvald reveal that they have a relationship full of meaningless talk and games, “Is that my little squirrel rustling?”… “Yes!” (Ibsen 141). Because

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