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Every century needs to have a feminist movement. A Doll’s House by Henry Ibsen discusses just that. This is a play with no narrators and therefore stage directions. Act I starts out a day before Christmas when Nora bought her family presents with the allowance her husband gave her. This is a play with a lot of hiding which we see in the first sentence – “Hide the Christmas tree carefully, Helen”. Nora’s mischievous and has to hide the Christmas tree, macaroons, etc. She has to hide the macaroons because her husband doesn’t want her to ruin her teeth. Nora wants money and her husband talks to her like she’s a baby to show that he’s the boss – “Is that my little lark twittering out there?” In response, she plays along – “Yes, it is!” Helmer says its better not to owe money and goes into a lecture about it so Nora tunes him out. Nora’s father also had a problem with spending money. She has shallow secrets like eating the macaroons and also some deeper ones. When Helmer asks if Nora’s eaten a macaroon she denies it even though it’s exactly what she’s done. Why doesn’t she admit to it? Lying is a habit. Nora’s big secret was borrowing money from Krogstad which is humiliating to Helmer and if she can’t pay back with money, she’ll have to pay back with sex. This teaches a lesson that we should never lend money to friends because you never end up wanting to pay back. This story is about a couple who have secrets that can rip up their marriage. Nora’s friend Christine comes to visit and she need a job so Nora wants to help her find one. “How you have altered, Christine!” – Nora’s implying that Christine looks terrible; she’s very honest. Nora doesn’t want to hear about Christine’s life because hers is so great. Also, if Christine looks so much older then she must also. “What a thoughtless creature I am, chattering away like this” – Nora knows that she’s all these

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