A Doll House: Final Scene

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A Doll House: Final Scene Analysis There are few moments as moving or as depressing to witness as the conversation that goes on between Torvald and Nora in the final scene of Ibsen’s “A Doll House.” The conversation is a brutally honest depiction of the ugliest parts of a relationship, in which both participants are too selfish and self-absorbed to make the concessions necessary in order to maintain the equality needed in a successful marriage. While Torvald apologizes for his rash words, he expects everything to go back to how it was before the argument, when his wife is still obviously unfulfilled. His wife refuses to take her husband and children’s needs into account and makes an unquestionably selfish decision that leaves the entire family shattered. When the contents of Krogstad’s letter are exposed, Torvald is understandably very upset. The implications of the damage his wife’s actions could cause him are very real and have very far-reaching consequences. As a man who is in charge of handling the finances of a great many people, Torvald is looked upon to be not only virtuous in his acts, but completely honest and law-abiding in all business transactions. For his wife to be accused of fraud would not only deal irreparable damage to his reputation in social circles, it would brand him untrustworthy in business circles and effectively ruin his livelihood. Torvald shows little sympathy to the reasons for Nora’s crimes and jumps to several unrealistic conclusions during his rant that shows a real lack of understanding or even love to the wife he has pledged himself to for the last eight years. Torvald states “Nobody sacrifices his honor for the one he loves.” While he apologizes repeatedly for the words said during the beginning of the scene, the damage had already been done and had destroyed his wife’s illusion of the man she believed she had married. Nora no

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