A Distorted Definition Of Man

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You have a distorted definition of bravery and strength. You think that strength comes from putting on a "hard face" and stiffening up your lip. You think that it comes from the disadvantage of not being able to express your feelings, of pretending that nothings wrong when there is and of acting indifferent when you actually care. A brave person is someone who can cry in front of a crowd full of people. Someone who can admit that they are hurt to the world. Someone who can stand in front of masses with quivering knuckles and shivering knees and admit they , just like everyone else , are only human and are not perfect , Someone who can speak of their flaws and of their problems with the knowledge that they are giving the rest of the universe the opportunity the judge , dismember and twist their words into a definition that is by no means theirs, but do it regardless because they are so secure,aware and passionate about their truths, even if they're scared.…show more content…
You say that "people aren't trust worthy" and use that as an excuse for your undeniable fear. Your fear of being rejected and your fear of not being accepted, and then you go head and attempt to call yourself a man. But tell me , what is manly about acting like something that your not? What is manly about putting on a front just because your afraid. A man attacks his problems with an abundance of force BECAUSE he is scared...he does not run away from them...he does not try to cover them up and he does not try to pretend like they arent

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